2018 Better Buildings Annual Progress Report – March 2018 SAG Newsletter

We’re excited to share with you the 2018 Better Buildings Annual Progress Report. This report was released today and highlights the latest accomplishments, strategies, and solutions of the more than 900 organizations working with the Department of Energy (DOE) to collaboratively drive innovation in the marketplace. 

A few highlights from this year’s report:

  • More than 350 Better Buildings Challenge partners have saved more than $3 billion since the program began. Partners have also saved more than 6 billion gallons of water and financial allies have extended more than $12 billion for efficiency projects.
  • More than 200 partners are working with DOE on 9 different Accelerators targeting topics like clean energy for low income communities, combined heat and power for resiliency, energy efficiency in wastewater treatment plants, and improved home energy upgrade programs.
  • Better Buildings Alliance partners are working with DOE to drive adoption of new technologies and identify key areas of opportunity for expanding early stage research and development.
  • Nearly 200 manufacturing partners are working with DOE through the Better Plants program and have saved more than $4 billion to date.
  • The 4th Season of the Better Buildings Challenge SWAP (featuring L’Oréal and General Motors) highlights (in a fun way!) the savings opportunities available in U.S. manufacturing plants.

Thanks for continuing to share your data and real-world experiences. These efforts are now part of the 1,500 replicable solutions available to all on the newly-redesigned Better Buildings Solution Center. By sharing your stories through showcase projects, implementation models, and more, others benefit from your collective leadership as they navigate their own energy and water efficiency challenges.

We’d especially like to congratulate the 16 Better Buildings Challenge partners who achieved their energy, water, or financing goals this year. They represent the commercial real estate, healthcare, multifamily, manufacturing, retail/food service, state government, and finance sectors. The 2018 goal achievers are:

  • Anthem (energy and water)
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch (finance)
  • C. F. Martin & Co., Inc (energy) 
  • Citi (finance)
  • Columbia Association (energy)
  • EDF Renewable Energy (finance)
  • General Motors (energy)
  • Jersey City Housing Authority (energy)
  • Legrand (energy)
  • Metrus Energy (finance)
  • North Carolina (energy)
  • NYCEEC (finance)
  • Pace Equity (finance)
  • Shari’s Café & Pies (water)
  • Sol Systems (finance)
  • UW Health (energy)

We look forward to recognizing these partners—and seeing all of you—at the 2018 Better Buildings Summit August 21-23 in Cleveland!

Thanks for all you are doing to encourage the adoption of advanced technologies and efficiency practices across the marketplace to secure a more affordable and reliable energy future!


Maria T. Vargas, Director
Better Buildings Challenge