Eric Teicholz Sustainability Scholarship

IFMA Fellow Eric Teicholz and the IFMA Foundation established the Eric Teicholz Sustainability Facility Professional® (SFP®) Scholarship in May 2020. The scholarship is open to young professionals with a demonstrated financial need who are currently practicing facility management (FM) or a related field and are interested in earning a specialty credential in sustainability. Additional criteria to be considered in the selection of candidates for scholarships will include diversity and the impact the scholarship is expected to have on the applicants and their environments.

 The program was expanded in 2022 to include additional scholarships provided by the development of a new corporate sponsor program. Current corporate sponsors include JLL, SDI, Planon and Jumbo Chains plus three IFMA chapters (San Fernando Valley, Kansas City and South Florida)..

Partners have established two new scholarship tracks, one focused on technology and the other related to supply chains.

Additional information about the scholarship can be found here. The application deadline is July 15, 2022, and can be found here.

Please contact Eric Teicholz  if  you have questions about the scholarship or an interest in learning more about the partner program.