Chairman’s Blog – Sept/Oct 2019


What does it mean to be “connected”?  With the rise of Social Media, we now have the ability to carry on digital relationships with people from all over the world – without ever meeting face-to-face.  In his book “Hot, Flat and Crowded”, Thomas Friedman describes “flat” not from the flat earth perspective, but that our increasingly global economy is flattening and compressing the distances between us.

This perspective appears at odds with the surge in nationalism and authoritarian leaders pushing isolationist agendas.  Does the world’s population reap any benefits from this seemingly backwards step in our global evolution?  And will the planet survive these efforts to put up walls (figuratively and literally) designed to keep us apart?

I would argue the answer is a resounding NO…

It is increasingly clear that we must all work together to combat threats to the health of the planet and lift populaces out of poverty.  Faced with the prospect of up to 1.3 Billion climate refugees within a generation, its time to put humanity above misguided self-interest.  

In this newsletter we share stories of hope and caution.  We have the ability and intelligence to make the necessary technical and behavioral changes, but only if we have the collective will to put aside our bias and unfounded fear losing our cultural identity.  

Needless to say, the opinions voiced in this blog are those of the author and not that of the IFMA association.  Thanks for reading and let me know if you agree or disagree with my perspectives above.

As always, we hope you find the newsletter enlightening…
Dean Stanberry