IFMA News, Webinars, and Events May/June 2021

Energy-Saving Envelope Success Stories

Tuesday, July 27, 2021 3 PM – 4:30 PM (EDT)

This webinar will spotlight participants in the first year of DOE’s Building Envelope Campaign, sharing the best practices they used to achieve high-performance building envelopes. Register Now




Waste Reduction: Lessons Learned and What Comes Next

Tuesday, August 3, 2021 3 PM – 4 PM (EDT)

Join this webinar for resources and lessons learned from DOE’s 2-year Waste Reduction Pilot, which involved over 40 Better Buildings and Better Plants partners.  Register Now




Visualize Your Energy Future with “Slope”: The State and Local Planning for Energy Platform

Tuesday, August 10, 2021 3 PM – 4 PM (EDT)

Join this webinar to learn how New Mexico is using DOE’s SLOPE platform to inform its Grid Modernization Roadmap Project and learn how SLOPE’s new transportation data can help your jurisdiction. Register Now





Recorded Webinars | IFMA Experts’ Assessment Webinars

Everything You Need to Know about Managing Facilities Post-COVID-19

Industry insights and best practices built on consensus collected from hundreds of thought leaders and FM experts from around the globe teaching you on how to best manage the workplace in a post-COVID world.

What are the long-term consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic? New ways of working (NWOW) will develop when societies return to normal will depend upon the choices we make NOW and how we adapt TO THE NEW NORMAL post-COVID-19.


The Future Workplace and What Will Change After COVID-19 | IFMA Experts’ Assessment: Ep.01 – YouTube

How Covid Will Reshape Facilities in Demand & How to Best Prepare | Experts’ Assessment | Ep. 02 – YouTube

Pandemic Strategies for Facility Management and Business Leaders | Experts’ Assessment | Ep. 03 – YouTube

Facilities in Demand – 2021 and the Return to the New Normal | The Experts’ Assessment | Ep. 04 – YouTube

How to Plan Your Return to the Workplace | The Experts’ Assessment | Ep. 05 – YouTube

Derailing Sustainable Buildings? | The Experts’ Assessment | Ep. 06 – YouTube

Technology Transforming the Workplace Experience | The Experts’ Assessment |
Ep. 07 – YouTube

ESUS in the FMJ

The ESIS Community sponsored articles for the July-August 2021 FMJ include;

  • Signed, Sealed Delivered | Building Envelope Performance Takes Center Stage, By Dr. Simon Pallin
    76, Read Online
  • In Action | Assessing Asset Management with VBIS, by TK Wang
    94, Read Online
  • Continuous Innovation, by Marina Badoian-Kriticos, Eric Teicholz,
    John McGee
    108, Read Online
  • At the Crest | Innovation in the Built Environment, By Chris Bowyer, Jason Page
    133, Read Online

2.1.   FMJ Editorial Calendar

The September-October 2021 theme is Your FM Career.  Features will include Creating the FM Roadmap to success, Building your FM championship team,
IFMA credentialing, Using your membership to get into leadership, Building and maintaining your FM utility belt, Climbing the FM ladder, and What is FM and why you’re important.

The November-December 2021 theme is Sustainability.  Features will include Reuse vs Recycle, Corporate Social Responsibility + Environmental Stewardship / Sustainability,  Sustainability & Energy Efficiency, Sustainability & Technology, and Sustainability in decision making and planning.