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Better Buildings U.S. Department of Energy

2021-2022 Webinar Series


The Better Buildings Webinar Series takes on the most pressing topics facing energy professionals, with new experts leading the conversations on proven best practices, cost-effective strategies, and innovative new ways to approach sustainability and energy performance.

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Work On The Move 3
IFMA Foundation – Preview Chapter Available


The IFMA Foundation has an excellent track record of concise, targeted books addressing key issues facing the FM industry. The Foundation published Work on the Move in 2011 and Work on the Move 2 in 2016. Both books are widely utilized as a resource for helping facility managers around the globe to prepare for the future of work.

Work on the Move 3, the third book of the series, will be published in the summer of 2021. This important publication will be released as the world recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic.
A team of nineteen industry experts led by editors Michael Schley and Alexi Marmot are collaborating to produce the book, covering new and updated topics such as:

  • The New Hybrid Workplace
  • Global Workplace Trends
  • The Future of Real Estate
  • Sustainability and Planetary Health
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in The Workplace
  • Trends in Facility Service Business Models
  • Health and Well-being in the Workplace
  • Technology

The IFMA Foundation is pleased to provide you with this preview chapter on The Hybrid Workplace from Work on the Move 3. Please watch for the publication of the complete book, coming soon – SUMMER of 2021.
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The Southwest’s Most Important River is Drying Up…….

August 21, 2021, By Drew Kann, Renee Rigdon, and Daniel Wolfe, CNN

The Colorado River irrigates farms, power electric grids, and provides drinking water to 40 million people. But as its supply dwindles, a crisis looms.

The Southwest’s looming water battle (

How Climate Change Fueled the Devastating Floods in Germany and Northwest Europe

“These are the harbingers of climate change that have now arrived in Germany.”

By Jariel Arvin@jarielarvin Jul 16, 2021

How climate change fueled the devastating 2021 floods in Germany and northwest Europe – Vox

Europe Has An Ambitious New Climate Plan That Imagines A Dramatic Cut In Emissions
July 14, 2021, Virginia Mayo

The European Union unveiled sweeping new legislation Wednesday to help meet its pledge to cut emissions of the gases that cause global warming by 55% over this decade, including a controversial plan to tax foreign companies for the pollution they cause.

Climate Change Risk Goes Beyond Carbon Footprint
by Robin Bolton, August 09, 2021

Let me start off by saying that climate science is real. The world has pretty much come to a consensus about the long-term effects of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases on the environment. In fact, most mining companies have already built climate change mitigation strategies of some degree into their risk management processes and operating models and, on the whole, the industry is now actively addressing the risks associated with climate change.

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Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Energy Explored at Asia-Pacific Climate Week
UN Climate Change News, 16 July 2021

Innovative and emerging sustainable energy technologies to achieve net-zero carbon emissions were explored at three events during the Asia-Pacific Climate Week (APCW2021) which took place from 6-9 July. Technology is a crucial element of countries’ national climate actions plans, known as NDCs, under the Paris Agreement.

Cutting Carbon Pollution Quickly Would Save About 74 Million Lives, Study Finds

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions quickly would save tens of millions of lives worldwide, a new study finds. It’s the latest indication that climate change is deadly to humans, and that the benefits of transitioning to a cleaner economy could be profound.

SkyCool – This Company Uses Technology and Nature to Cut Your Air Conditioning Bill
August 9, 2021, By Rishi Iyengar, CNN Business

Heatwaves are becoming more common in parts of the United States — and that means more people running their air conditioners for longer. But those air conditioners can make the problem worse, emitting greenhouse gases as they work that contributes heavily to climate change.
SkyCool Systems is trying to break that vicious cycle, using technology that promises to offer buildings an alternative means to cool down by essentially mimicking how the planet cools itself.

This Startup Uses the Cooling Towers on Buildings as Carbon Capture Devices

Direct air capture machines are expensive to build, making the economics of carbon capture difficult to pencil out. But Noya wants to use existing infrastructure instead.
By Adele Peters, August 13, 2021

On top of a nondescript industrial building in the Bay Area city of San Leandro, a company is pioneering a new way to fight climate change: Hacking a cooling tower—the equipment used for air conditioning in large buildings—to help pull CO2 from the atmosphere. So-called direct air capture machines are already in use elsewhere. But they’re expensive to build and run. And by combining the technology with an existing cooling tower, the startup, called Noya, is working to make it more affordable so it can grow faster.