As one of the recipients of the Eric Teicholz SFP Scholarships for 2022, I am very excited to take the course and exam in 2023. I believe the knowledge and skills I will gain from the SFP credential will not only make me a more competitive FM as I continue in this ever-changing career path but will also make me a more competent FM, capable of taking on more challenging sustainability goals in my current and future companies.

I hope to use my training to take companies to the next level of sustainability, beyond reusing, recycling, and repurposing. If companies want to be competitive enough to attract investors, to recruit and retain employees, and most importantly, to do their part in stemming and reversing the effects of climate change, then having a solid ESG rating and focusing on the triple bottom line must be a corporate goal that is actively and regularly reviewed and revised. I am looking forward to becoming the change-agent for my company, and I believe that the SFP credential will allow me to do just that.