I am currently a Facilities Management intern with Intermountain Healthcare. While I am learning more of the maintenance side right now, I see and hear about the ways that processes have been improving. I was once told in an interview that “anything that reduces is sustainable,” and that has stuck with me. It may not apply to every situation, but I think it is a good general rule. So, as I am learning about facilities maintenance in this internship, I am also looking for little and big ways that we can reduce and be more sustainable.

I am excited to earn the SFP credential because I think it will give me new perspectives on how a facility can be managed more effectively to minimize impacts on people and the environment. I hope that this will reframe my experiences in internships and my schooling. I still have many of my facility and property management classes to take at Brigham Young University and I think that having the SFP going into those will help me to see the materials with a lens focused on sustainability. Both at work and at school, I want to be able to ask educated questions that will inspire increased thoughtfulness and change.