I am excited to share my sustainability journey as the FM Consultant for Dikago Facilities Management which hosted this year’s World FM Day held in May 2022 at the Botswana
National Bureau of Standards (BOBS) Conference Centre. As in previous years World FM day brings together the largest number of FMs in the country, the purpose being to learn, network and celebrate. We kicked off the event a day in advance with a breakfast show on Botswana national television, to which I had invited some of the local FM chapter chairpersons. About 100 FMs were in attendance, learning from green contractors and experts who had come to exhibit at the Botswana National Bureau of Standards (BOBS) Conference Centre. My involvement with ESUS, and my participation in the membership community have been rewarding activities for me, which have included my reaching out to members in the EMEA
region and encouraging them to make a commitment to sustainable practices. Due to these activities the Botswana FM Association membership has been growing, finally becoming a chapter that can add to ESUS’s influence in the region. My speaking at different conferences has kept me busy as I’m now regarded as an experienced FM and a grounded SFP — a passionate advocate for sustainability and sustainable facilities management.
In September I spoke at the FM International Conference hosted by FMCE and in November

I spoke at the International Architects Conference hosted by AAB, both held here in Gaborone, Botswana, and both centered on themes of sustainability. My having become an
IFMA-accredited trainer has also opened doors for me to equip FMs in sustainability, particularly those taking introductory courses. My current participation in the Botswana Facilities Management Association and on the Botswana Bureau of FM Standards Reviewing Committee has also given me great opportunities to encourage the application of green FM policies on the part of my fellow FMs. I am forever grateful for Eric Teicholz and IFMA’s support in awarding me this certification.