Osman Ahmed

Dear Colleagues

At the outset, I would like to thank you for addressing me at the amazing scholarship. Honestly I consider it one of my most important real achievements ever

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share this article about sustainability with your good end.

in my point of view the effective application of sustainability will come through adopting several approaches we can relate them as follows:

  • The first challenge for sustainability relies on  raising individual’s awareness about sustainability principles  , enhancing  sustainability responsibility for all  individuals perception  , mostly  In their daily practices of common life activities and turning into sustainable  practices ,
  • Boosting the mindset about sustainability pillars (Social and Human– Environmental– Economic) this will be attained through raising awareness and spreading knowledge.

On the other side, by reverting to data statistics  about the global commitment to sustainability, you will find a substantial attention in the most prosperous regions that witness a real balance in standards of living such as Europe and America and some regions of Asia and Africa .where , The legislative structure prevents any kind of deviation against  this practices and enforces individuals and organizations to abide to laws, where  a notable  life balance in these developed societies where there are but not limited to:

  • Substantial care to the public health of citizens and promoting cultural and sports activities
  • Fair opportunities for education and knowledge
  • Availability of basic human needs, such as housing, clothing and drink
  • Fair distribution of wealth
  • A strong and compulsory legislative structure for the protection of human rights
  • Responsible production for all organizations
  • Attention to clean energy sources to reduce environmental pollutants
  • Legislation governing the preservation of the environment and social life
  • The principle of equal opportunity and social justice

And on the other side of the world there is a substantial lack of effective practices in the developing and irresponsible societies in Africa, Asia and other regions of the developing world. These values  must be supported by the global community associations such as the United Nations and others entities to preserve human rights and the world natural resources and to advance poor, irresponsible industrial regions and developing societies to achieve a better life for their people.