In my early career, I started working with FM-related service provider companies managing products and services related to ESG and Sustainability. My partners and customers have mostly been FM teams and engineers interacting with customers on ESG reporting, and on seeking solutions toward alleviating the shortage of manpower and expertise in the production of ESG reports. I understand Hong Kong customers’ pain in doing these reports, especially in the process of data capture and analysis for Scope 3 emission.

The world is advocating a net-zero carbon environment, but we can save and protect our world and improve our quality of lives only if we manage the challenge well. I hope to gain knowledge in sustainability and to apply this knowledge to my work, helping my customers achieve their sustainability goals by choosing the best solution. I wish to acquire knowledge to educate the younger generation as well as corporate leaders in sustainability, and to help them build good frameworks and practices along the way. To achieve these goals, we will all need to collaborate with corporate FM teams who are working toward similar sustainability goals.