The San Fernando Valley Chapter’s mission is to promote knowledge sharing with integrity and professionalism to our members in the built environment and the practice of facility management.  At the San Fernando Valley Chapter, we aim to support, support, sustain, and develop our membership through programs & education opportunities.  Further we empower leadership training and mentoring for the continued succession of the San Fernando Valley IFMA Chapter and the future of the facilities management profession.

In this quest, we understand the importance of sustainability in the built environment and the criticality of ensuring that current and future facility managers are guiding organization toward sustainable practices.  Gaining the knowledge and expertise and understanding of energy and sustainability performance and being able to communicate this in a transparent way to the clients they serve.

As a sponsor of the Eric Teicholz sustainability scholarship, we are contributing to the future of the IFM professional by providing a pathway for those interested in earning their Sustainability Facility Professional® (SFP).  Contributing to making the world a better place by giving facility managers the tools to maximize efficiencies and streamline operations to boost the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.