Nuvolo is pleased to support the Eric Teicholz Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) Scholarship Program.

As a company with the purpose of bringing connection, collaboration, and data to all areas of a facility lifecycle, our goal is to empower facility management professionals with the technology they require to deliver on the ongoing, changing needs of the market. We created Connected Workplace to bring a more efficient and sustainable technology to the IWMS market which focuses on the way facility managers can contribute to the global environmental challenges that have become prevalent today.

As workplace technology is rapidly evolving, we acknowledge the ongoing efforts to create a more sustainable environment which includes a clear understanding of current operating and carbon costs to support better planning and execution. By having this understanding, we can work to reduce our carbon footprint in the construction and facilities management industry.

Awareness of the impediments that face us is the first step. A second step would include attainment of deeper knowledge concerning the risks and impacts associated with common materials and processes related to FM and RE. And lastly, the deployment of technology with different strategies to make tangible, sustainable changes that reduce.

The implementation of process change does not have to result in fewer amenities or higher operating costs. There are many things we can do to enhance the workplace experience and utilization, and to reduce the overall carbon footprint. Such actions can include adherence to regulatory standards and the setting of thresholds for energy, water, and gas usage, as well as optimizing space and tracking waste.

We understand that many individuals around the globe are focused on making such changes, whether in a corporate 100 company, or in a remote community on the other side of the world. We are hoping the scholarships will arm these champions with current knowledge and technology that can make an impact on their organizations and communities for years to come. About Nuvolo.

About Nuvolo

Nuvolo is the global leader in modern, cloud-based workplace solutions. These solutions are built on ServiceNow and can provide a single platform to manage all people, physical locations, work, and assets across the business. Industries that are served include healthcare, life sciences, retail, public sector, higher education, technology, and financial services. Nuvolo is headquartered in Wellesley MA, with its global workforce located throughout North America and Europe.