Welcome New ESUS Community Members July/Aug 2021

For July-August, we have new members serving facility services, higher education, research, security, manufacturing, construction, consumer products, corporate, public sector, and the Arts. Geography spans the U.S., Canada, China, Republic of Korea, India, and UAE. The ESUS Community has members representing nineteen countries. We would like to welcome the following new Sustainability community members:


Freddie Adom              fadom87@gmail.com
Lynn Baez                   lynnbaez@google.com
LeAnn Bauer                LBauer@monarchblackhawk.com
Sheri Beard                 sbeard@stanfordhealthcare.org
Maria Cimilluca            m.cimilluca@northeastern.edu
Cameron Falkner         cameron@infogrid.io
Jerry Ferguson             GWFerg87@ProtonMail.com
Laura Hahn                  laura_snyder02@hotmail.com
Michael Halady            michael.halady@eurestservices.us
Holley Henderson         holley@h2ecodesign.com
Shauna Hesse               shauna@onesparc.com
Rock Jensen                 rjensen@yumaregional.org
John Loncar                 jdloncar@gmail.com
Barbara McCool            bmccool@lendingclub.com
Renee McKeon              remckeon@gmail.com
Nate Mendelsohn         nmendelsohn@henselphelps.com
Scott Mitchell              smitchell@ymcaokc.org
Parag Sunil Purandare  paragspurandare@gmail.com
Craig Ramich                cramich@consulttruenorth.com
Brandi Smith                bsmith@clintonairport.com
Becky Spohn                 becky.spohn@aspca.org
Eric L. Turnbow             Eric.Turnbow@ultradent.com
Danielle Wasem            danielle.wasem@aqualiteus.com

We look forward to your participation. We are a volunteer organization so please let us know if you are interested in getting involved in any of our activities or if you have any questions or comments (contact sustainability@ifma.org). Please check out previous newsletters on the ESUS Community website for more information on our activities.