Welcome New ESUS Community Members Mar/Apr 2021

For March-April we have new members serving facility services, consulting, manufacturing, landscaping, corporate, public sector, and the arts. Geography spans the U.S., Canada, China, Greece and India. The ESUS Community has members representing eighteen countries. We would like to welcome the following new Sustainability community members:

Enrique Chavarria enrique.chavarria@nbs-enb.ca 
Kate Jameson kjameson@thelandscapepartners.com 
Dhanashri Jogal Djogal@gmail.com 
Dale Grandlic dalegrandlic@gmail.com 
Iasonas Bonaros iason.bonaros@sia.eu 
Thomas Tong thomas.tong@kingtown-services.com 
Carl Dupes carledupes3@gmail.com 
Deidra Tart deidratart@gmail.com 
Jessica Berry Jessica_berry@brown.edu 
Marchello Arcelay harcelay@republicservices.com 
Ursula Schroeder uschroeder@republicservices.com 
Matthew Norton Matthew@aspenservesyou.com 
Sherry Shephard Sherry@aspenservesyou.com 
Michael Summers msummers@pscu.com 
Martin Bentivengo martinb@fnal.gov 
Deirdre Lord dlord@themwh.com 
Anthony Navarro arn91@yahoo.com 
Daniel Warner usdwarn@coloplast.com 
Paul Schuler paul.schuler@bluepillar.com 
Chris Cadwell chris@wavelengthlighting.com 
Ari Isomura ari.isomura@sonos.com 
Shayfer Wayne swayne@1sourcedist.com 
Joseph De Lobel joseph.delobel@dteenergy.com

We look forward to your participation. We are a volunteer organization so please let us know if you are interested in getting involved in any of our activities or if you have any questions or comments (contact sustainability@ifma.org). Please check out previous newsletters on the ESUS Community website for more information on our activities.