Welcome New ESUS Community Members – Nov/Dec 2019

For November-December we have new members serving academia, public-sector, facility services, and consulting. Geography spans the U.S., Canada, Singapore and Isle of Man. The ESUS Community now has members representing eighteen countries. We would like to welcome the following new Sustainability community members:

Taylor Kirker taylor.kirker@gd-ms.com
Nicolle Welsh nicollelwelsh@gmail.com
Alan Crone alanc@microgaming.co.uk
Todd Murphy todd@ecochempro.com
Raghav Sareen sareenraghav001@hotmail.ca
Joe Nelson joe@ewastedirect.com
Kandy Kernes kkernes@ikonefs.com
Josh Robarge jrobarge@mrmechanicalpnw.com
Julia Craighill jcraighill@ensightconsult.com
Kim Morris kmorris@sd61.bc.ca
Amy Williams awilliams@netjets.com
Russell Higgins RHIggins@its.jnj.com
Chris Holt cholt@emcor.net
Rob Taft robert.taft@soundtransit.org
Stuart Dunsmuir stuart.dunsmuir@auc.ab.ca
Thomas Hudson thudson@bss.on.ca

We look forward to your participation. We are a volunteer organization so please let us know if you are interested in getting involved in any of our activities or if you have any questions or comments (contact sustainability@ifma.org). Please check out previous newsletters on the ESUS Community website for more information on our activities.