Welcome New ESUS Community Members May/June 2021

For May-June, we have new members serving facility services, higher education, research, security, manufacturing, construction, consumer products, corporate, public sector, and the Arts.  Geography spans the U.S., Canada, China, Republic of Korea, India, and UAE.  The ESUS Community has members representing nineteen countries.  We would like to welcome the following new Sustainability community members:

Jerry Ferguson                                  GWFerg87@ProtonMail.com
Parag Purandare                               paragspurandare@gmail.com
Craig Ramich                                     cramich@consulttruenorth.com
Danielle Wasem                                danielle.wasem@aqualiteus.com
Freddie Adom                                    fadom87@gmail.com
Sally Parker                                        sally.q.parker@gmail.com
Marie Millares                                    mbmillares@gmail.com
Qianyu Feng                                      752435891@qq.com
Ying Hai                                              wahai@vestas.com
Joseph Hu                                          joseph.hu@icdsecurity.com
Iris Li                                                    iris.li@ttpdesign.com.cn
Zhi Qiao                                              13560355757@139.com
Alexa Stone                                        alexa@ecopreserve.net
Jing Wang                                          13826059667@139.com
Sheri Pillar                                          sheri.pillar@engie.com
Chohee Yun                                       cho.hee.yun@merck.com
Roy Abernathy                                   roy.abernathy@nmrk.com
Javier Maldonado                              javomaldo99@gmail.com
Maisory KSa                                       info@maisory.com
Yvon Rudolphe                                 rudolphe.yvon@uqam.ca
Allen Morais                                       almorais15@hotmail.com
Andy Paliszewski                              andy.paliszewski@flexenergy.com
Karina Carrero                                   karina@sdr247.com
Susanne Wright                                 swright1@steelcase.com
Michael Foote                                    mfoote@hopehouseboston.org
Joe Kalman                                        joe.kalman@uvresources.com
Dan Modestino                                  dan@danmodestino.com
Garth Hanson                                    ghansonla@gmail.com

We look forward to your participation. We are a volunteer organization so please let us know if you are interested in getting involved in any of our activities or if you have any questions or comments (contact sustainability@ifma.org). Please check out previous newsletters on the ESUS Community website for more information on our activities.